Sáb. Oct 16th, 2021

Etiqueta: Media Server

Nuevo PS3 Media server 1.24.0

http://ps3mediaserve… http://ps3mediaserver.org   Novedades de la versión 1.24.0 New icon on OS X Added Bulgarian and Brazilian Portuguese translation (thanks to jordito and gelo) Updated Polish, French, German and Portuguese translation tsMuxeR handles mov files Updated FFmpeg to r30172 from r28671 Updated JRE auto-dl Forcing MEncoder via the TRANSCODE folder ignores tsMuxeR Fixed support for renderers including Panasonic TVs Improved RAR support Updated libraries for OS X build Lots of fixes to the OS X build process so now it works Support for multi-language VOBsub subtitles It’s possible to remove hard drives from list if they are no longer connected (thanks, spots)   ... Leer más